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The Pilgaard family have connections to both USA (Olesen) and England (Bennett), and the relationship is shortly (very shortly) described below. Currently this page is the only one in English at the website.



The Olesen and Pilgaard families are linked through Ole Rasmussen and the village of Tinning. Ole Rasmussen, a farmer in Tinning, was married to Nikoline Marie Sørensdatter about 1852, and they got five children:


1855: Rasmus Olesen

1857: Søren Jensen Olesen

1860: Elias Marius Olesen

1862: Jens Olesen

1871: Anton Johannes Olesen (in 1913 Anton changes his last name from Olesen to Tindborg)


Nikoline died in 1879 and hereafter Ole married Jensine Inger Kirstine Jensen. They got two children:


1880: Nikolai Martin Olesen

1883: Jens Christian Olesen (emigrated to USA at the age of 21 years)


Ole died himself in 1884 and Jensine then married Peder Nielsen Piilgaard also know as "Sams". They got four children:


1887: Olga Rasmine Pilgaard

1888: Niels Pilgaard (*)

1890: Birgitte Pilgaard

1981: Carl Marius Pilgaard


(*) Niels later married to Ane Sørine Pedersen, they got ten children, their doughter Else Louise emigrated to England in 1953)



Jens Christian Olesen, born in 1883, emigrated to USA, the State of New York, in 1904 at the age of 21 years. Jens was a cabinet maker, and during his apprenticeship he participated in the building of the local Theatre in Aarhus, Denmark. In USA Jens quickly established himself as a successful maker of church furniture. Jens and his wife Otillie visited Denmark only once in 1947 (see the family picture taken at the farewell party for Jens and Otilie prior to their return to USA in 1947). Jens and Otilie had three children:






Betty and her husband Dick visited Denmark together in the late sixties, and Dick came back alone in the late seventies, after Betty had died.


Betty and Dick had two children:





Harry had three children.



Else Louise Pilgaard went to England in 1953 to work as a companion help for a Danish lady, Mrs. Ross, who was married to a Scotsman. Here she met her husband Gerald F. Bennett. Else and Gerald have five children, and the two oldest are named Peter and Nicky. Else and Gerald are living in Lymington, Kent, UK.


Before Else went to England she worked as a maid in the household of the famous Danish actor Poul Reumert in Copenhagen. During this period Else often visited Anton Johannes Tindborg (born Olesen). Anton was a half brother to Jens Christian Olesen in USA. Anton and Jens were both born in the village of Tinning, as sons of Ole Rasmussen.


Else has been back to Denmark twice since she emigrated. The last time Else visited Denmark were at her mothers funeral service in Haldum Church in 1976. Else's brother, Jens Christian Pilgaard, visited Else in the late 1980'ties, as the only one from her Danish family.


If you are have any knowledge of, or are related to the family Olesen in the USA or the Bennett family in England, I’ll be very interested to get in contact with you. Se contact information here.